15 Classic 1950s Men’s Hairstyles You Can Still Rock Today

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The 1950s were a characterizing ten years for style. The rowdy unrest was going full speed ahead, carrying with it cowhide coats and pants, as well as numerous famous hairdos. Artists like Little Richard and Elvis Presley made pompadours and quiffs stylish among youngsters much to the disappointment of the more seasoned age, while somewhere else, Hollywood’s Golden Age was all the while pressing onward, with entertainers like Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, and James Dean all assisting with promoting various slices among men needing to copy their cinema symbols.

Presently, over 70 years after the fact, a significant number of the ten years’ style prompts are as pertinent as could be expected. Denim and cowhide never truly disappeared, and the notable haircuts have seen an expansion in fame in the beyond couple of years. From no nonsense styles like the Ivy League and the side part to greaser trims worn by bikers and revolutionaries, the ten years has a great deal of potential for hair motivation.

Prepared to go on an outing through a world of fond memories? Ahead, we’ve gathered together 30 different 1950s men’s haircuts for you to look at.



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One of the most mind-blowing known haircuts of the 10 years, the greaser style is as yet tracked down on those hoping to go for a rocker or “terrible kid” look. This takes everyday styling support to keep up the picture, however the outcome is worth the effort.


V-shaped hairline

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The sensational look of the V-shaped hairline style might take a sure strut to pull off, however assuming you have the disposition and the hair for it, this is an exemplary 1950s men’s hairdo that will get a great deal of looks.

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Elite level


In the event that you like a preppy look, the clean styling of an Ivy League slice is the best approach. A water-based gel will assist with giving you the “not a hair awkward” look.




Named unequivocally for what it resembles, the ducktail cut is as of now a #1 among men who favor more retro styles. Style the sides and back of the hair towards the middle to make the

Another 1950s men’s hairdo whose notoriety has been filling as of late is the pompadour. At the point when you have a touch of length on top, brush all of the hair upwards and utilize a hairdryer to assist with keeping the grandeur set up. A shape blur on the sides will finish the look.




One of the most copied style symbols of the ’50s was Elvis Presley. Described by its long sideburns and slicked sides, this pompadour variety of his unique hair is good for a ruler.

Level Top

Styled high and totally smooth on top, the level top works best on hair with a ton of volume and surface.


One of the quintessential 1950s men’s haircuts, the quiff could be tracked down on numerous youthful entertainers and performers. This will work with both short and longer lengths — simply brush the hair aside, flip bangs up with a brush, and style with a touch of hairspray for hold.

Group Cut

The more limited military styling of the group cut is practically immortal and is a fantastic option in contrast to a ’50s look on the off chance that you can’t exactly pull off a pompadour or quiff.

Side Part

The kind of look you could find on everybody from heroes to bookkeepers, the side part can be accomplished by forcefully brushing the hair from one side to the next while either involving gel for hold or going for a more normal look.

Bald spot

An incredible search for fanatics of old Hollywood, this cleared over 1950s men’s haircut looks perfect with a wide range of designs and is easy to get and keep up with.


Blunt Sinatra’s short and wavy hairdo can be reproduced for additional cutting edge times by taking much more off the sides with a slight shape. Smooth the hair back and hold the length back from getting excessively lengthy.

Pompadour Fade

Update the standard pompadour by picking a skin blur on the sides, which will additionally
Ducktail Mohawk

For an outrageous minor departure from the ducktail, shave off the majority of the sides to make a mohawk, then style the ducktail not surprisingly.


While your hair is as yet wet, apply a grease to the sides and clear the hair upwards with a brush to accomplish a ’50s rockabilly look.


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