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In the trending, promotional, and modelling industry, many countries are praised for the
glamour, charm and uniqueness of models braids for kids. Throughout the world, every country’s models have
their beauty like the elegance you see in Canada and the United States. As celebrities of
Canada, models appear on TV shows, Films, and Award shows for their fame, and
To boost the well-known impression in the trending industry, many other models are
recognized as stars of the United States. In Canada, women especially take care of their style,
living manners, fitness, and modernity. Canadian models possess attractive features, especially
eyes. Let’s see who are the leading models of this state recently?

1. Marina Ludwick

In Canada, the most adoring model, Marina Laswick’s attitude, glimpse, and perfect features
make her more and more rocking, eye-catching and gorgeous. She belongs to Toronto, the city
of Canada.
She is well recognized as a fashion and travel blogger as well as a photographer in the USA.
Additionally, Marina has gained a net worth of about $600k and over 1million followers on
social media especially on Instagram.

2. Estella Warren

Another Canadian model, Estella Warren began her profession firstly as a swimmer and then
switch it to modeling. As a celebrity, she has played many roles in TV series and Films braids for kids.
She was born on 23 December 1987 in Peterborough, Canada. She has a height of about 5 feet
and 8 inches and 59kg weight. As an actress and model, she has accomplished $500k net

3. Kate Bock

Kate Bock is an extraordinary quality among all the top Canadian beautiful models. She has a
charming and fascinating beauty as a fashion model. Her enthusiastic approach to health and
fitness, glamour, and lifestyle make her more attractive to her fans.
On January 30 th , 1988, she was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As a prominent
social media star, she has about 850K followers on Instagram and an approximate net worth of
$2 million.

4. Heather Marks
In the fashion industry, Heather Marks has made highly commanding fame due to her
appearance. She is well known as a gorgeous model with her dolls-like attributes and body.

Everybody calls her the Supermodel of Canada. The place Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she
was born on July 25 th , 1988. Being the richest model, her net worth is almost $1.5 million.

5. Jessica Stam
As a stunning, impressive beauty and marvelous fashion model, Jessica Stam putts on her fame
on international trending maps. Steven Meisel, a fashion photographer, brings out her glamour
and introduced her to the successful celebrity status.
Jessica Stam was born on April 23 rd , 1986 in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. The top-earning
model, Jessica has a net worth of $3million as her per year worth is $1.5 million. Being a
popular character and a top model Jessica Stam may be acquiring from different alternate ways
like she may be related with the promoting business or the brand representative of various
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