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Solar nails

Solar Nails Two things are the strongest and most important thing in the human body. Hair and nails, nails enhance the beauty of hands. And if the nails are according to the shape of the fingers, then the nails look very good. The shape of the nails varies greatly. The shape of a nail is completed in six months from the inside of the finger.

The living part of the nails is always under the fingers. And the outer part is called dead. That’s why we don’t feel pain when we cut them. Nails detect our health. Health is good. Their color is pink. If a white spot develops between the nails, it is a sign of disease or injury. You should consult a doctor for this. However, lack of calcium can also be a sign of this

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Nail type

There are some types of nails. Inside are broken nails, weak nails, and chewed nails, and some bad colored nails.

Broken nails

First of all, let’s talk about broken nails. Doing housework often breaks the edges of the nails. And for nails that break like this, it is necessary to apply a lotion to keep the nails safe.

Week nails

Now let’s talk about week nails. Weak nails are thin. If they are kept in water for a long time, they become soft and bad. Nail hardener should be applied on such nails.

Chewing nails

Most people have a habit of chewing their nails. And of course, chewed nails are very ugly. Such people should apply dark nail polish or nail lotion on their nails.

Fade Nails

Some women are constantly applying nail polish which causes them to get bad color and often due to illness the nails also get bad color. They should apply something else before nail polish.

Nails Growing

The average rate of nails every week is from zero point 5 to one point 2 mm. Nails are read at all ages, but with age, their age decreases. If the blood flow is high. So the nails will grow faster too. Your health also affects your nails. If you are sick then nails like skin and hair will also be affected.

Nail shape

The shape of the nails depends on the shape of your fingers. If the nails are strong, they can have more long nails. But if the nails are weak, keep them short because such nails cannot last long. If the finger is thin and long then the nails should be round in shape. If the finger is small and thick then keep the shape of nails oval. Nails can also be placed in score shape. Such nails can be easily kept by a housewife.


Manicure is Latin word. Which means hand care manicure enhances the beauty of hands. Manicure softens the hands and softens the skin. Manicure is used to beautify nails.


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