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Types of braids | best smelling shampoo Without beautiful hair your beauty is incomplete. For beautiful hair you need very good care of your hair. A hair care routine is as important as any fitness routine or skin care routine because with age and
wit exposure to sun, pollution your hair gets thin and damaged. So, follow these tips for your hair care.
Combing your hair:
Comb your hair two to three times daily. Make sure you comb your hair after waking up in the morning
and before going to bed at night, it will not cause tangles in your hair. Never comb wet hair. Hair roots
are very delicate when your hair is wet so combing into wet hair can lead to hair loss. Untangle your hair before shampooing.
Washing your hair:
Do not wash your hair daily but wash it two to three times a week. It also depends on the kind of hair
you have in order to determine the frequency of hair wash you may require in a week Best smelling shampoo Daily hair wash will make your hair dull and your scalp dry. Dry scalp can cause dandruff in your hair.
Oil massage :
Oil massage in your hair should be done twice a week. Oil massage makes hair smooth and also gives
hair growth. Oil which ever is available you can use that.
 In fact, there is a mixture that you can prepare at home which is by taking Almond oil, Olive oil,
Coconut oil in equal quantity and mixing them well. You can either apply over night or apply 45
minutes to 1 hour before taking a shower.
 Oil massage with finger tips, not with nails. types of braids Oil massage in scalp will speed up blood circulation
in your scalp and strengthen your hair.
Use towel :
Use a soft microfiber towel in the hair. Never wash your hair with hot water as it dries your scalp. Do
not rub the towel harshly in the hair after washing the hair. This is how the hair starts to break.
Dry your hair :
Do not use hair dryer to dry your hair. Let the hair dry naturally in the air.
Hair styling products :
Do not use daily hair styling products in the hair. Daily use of hair styling products can damage your
hair. Wash your hair after using hair styling products to protect your hair from hair fall.

Cover your head:

Whenever you go out in the sun, cover your hair with a cape or scarf so that your hair is not damaged. It also protects your hair from ultraviolet rays.
Apply hair mask:
Apply hair mask once a week to keep your hair smooth and healthy. You can also apply this hair mask: Take two teaspoons of yogurt and two teaspoons of honey. Take one egg white and mix all the ingredients well. Apply this homemade hair mask once a week in the hair and wash the hair after 40 minutes.
Follow a healthy diet :
To keep your hair healthy and shiny, you should follow a protein balanced diet. Poor diet affects your
fitness as well as your hair health. Add nuts, strawberries, lentils, eggs, milk, citrus fruits, Sweet potato,
green leaves vegetables, beans, carrots, whole grains and curd in your diet. These nutrients and
minerals will provide protein, iron and vitamins to your hair and body. Give up junk foods altogether for your hair care. Avoid smoking and alcohol because its harmful for hair .Avoid excessive drinking of coffee. Blogers accept free guest posts, Blogers one the best High Quality website with high da and Dr website. And quality traffic
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