How Much Do Invisible Braces / Aligners / Invisalign Cost?



Aligners are the brand name of Invisible Braces.

Aligners offer all the advantages of traditional braces which require elastics that come in a variety of colors to tie the wire with braces It is one of the most popular braces nowadays, but devoid of the obvious metal brackets and wires. The improved need for orthodontic treatment among adults has revolutionized the braces industry. You can now straighten your teeth discreetly and conveniently without drawing comparisons to Ugly Betty and avoid braces stacked to your teeth like train tracks.

If you have searched online cheapest braces, you have perhaps realized that the charges of Aligners braces,  aligners cost, and Invisalign retainer cost can differ in so many ways. This typically reflects the skill of the provider as well as the value of your treatment. However, mail order aligners may be cheaper than seeing a specialist. The problem is that your treatment will be completely unsupervised. But our Product Aligners is thoroughly planned and supervised by the team of orthodontists.


Treatment charges of Braces

The cost of the Aligner box, aligners cost, and Invisalign retainer cost varies not only within Pakistan but also in different countries due to currency exchange rates, tax and it depends on the complication of your case. Whether it is a mild, moderate, or severe case, your orthodontist/ Aligner provider decides and entertains you with the teeth straightening service your teeth deserve. If you are concerned about the price of boxes and braces cost in Lahore then don’t worry, Aligners are affordable braces to the people who need aesthetics and problems in chewing the food. Most people in the world look for affordable clear aligners/affordable invisible braces in top dental clinics and are conscious of sterilization. Aligners provide them with the most economical and pocket-friendly package with all the best braces in quality and aesthetics. Most braces patients look for Invisalign braces cost in Lahore, you can find cheap invisible braces and very affordable invisible braces in Lahore and worldwide. Our Company gives you the best package and we cannot compromise quality over money. We will provide you with what you are expecting from us. There is no doubt that you can find the best charges of braces in Pakistan and all across the world. People having metal braces have to face a period when people look at them and talk about their bad-looking teeth due to wires in conventional/traditional braces.

This is a moderately-priced product that equals your needs and has a justifiable price. The consultation fee is 1500 PKR in Pakistan. Globally consultation fee starts from being free to 138 USD depending on the country.

The price range of teeth braces cost or aligners cost in Pakistan for Aligner candidates lies between 80,000 PKR– 350,000 PKR in different cities.

Globally it varies between 5,521 USD to 16,563 USD in different countries. When it comes to Invisalign braces cost in Pakistan, Your doctor tells the price of the Aligner box and chooses the set that suits your crooked teeth.


How much does a dental retainer cost?

We provide our patients with two pairs of retainers free of cost. The first two sets of retainers is included at no additional cost and it is included in the Aligners box, however, you will be charged for the 3rd or more set of retainers.

Invisalign retainer cost and permanent/fixed retainer cost almost 150$ in many countries, but it varies from place to place and Invisible braces companies.



We bring ease to this package for you. Our consultation fee is budget-friendly for everyone out there. Pay your consultation fee online by choosing from a variety of options on the payment page.

Your confident smile will take you miles and add a glow to your face due to affordable braces. Don’t miss this fantastic chance of the cheapest teeth braces cost in Pakistan. We’re here to show you the way towards brightening up your smile.

Do Aligners Facilitate Your Customer with Installment Package?

Of course, your satisfaction is always in our minds. It is the best dental care you wish for cheap invisible braces. Some of our orthodontists offer befitting cheap and flexible installment plans and offer credit card payments. We are open to discussion. You may contact us for further details.

Interest-free payment options

There are several different ways you can pay for your braces. You can spread the cost or pay upfront through our third-party and in-house payment plans. This includes interest-free payments over 6-12 months. During your consultation, we will give you the prices for your preferred treatment and go through all your payment options.


How to book an appointment with Aligners provider?

Consult our doctors before deciding anything for your bad-looking teeth because it is always good to seek help from dental professionals. We know your specific needs and we can provide you with the best dental care Just look around and we are available in all cities of Pakistan and worldwide.  Our registration process is just one click away. In the same way, if you’re worried about the agony you’ll go through while using braces? Just brush it off.



Initially, it is important to evaluate and have a look into your case to see if it needs treatment with Aligners or not.

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