Keys to making a good coffee at home

time lapse photography of coffee on cup

Many coffee shops do not currently have a professional barista, that specializes in offering a coffee with good service and with the best possible presentation. In addition, we make common mistakes when preparing coffee, both at home and in a coffee shop. Do you remember any coffee that you have tried somewhere that you remember how well done it was? And there are several keys to making good coffee. Learn how to serve the best coffee in the world without leaving home, follow the steps!

Keys to making a good coffee

The first thing that we are always going to take into account is the quality of the product or the raw material. Good coffee is the first step and elaborate secret to good coffee. If we are in the habit of always buying the same one, perhaps we should change to another that goes more with our needs. What is the perfect coffee? Supermarkets are saturated with brands and products, so we can find many of many brands, but which one to choose? the coffee that is usually consumed is a mixture of natural and roasted.

Second, we are going to take into account the amount of coffee that we are going to use each time we prepare it. I undoubtedly recommend that you buy whole coffee beans to grind at home, as the aroma and flavor have nothing to do with it if you buy it already ground. We must use the necessary amount, neither more nor less. There are people who, regardless of the type of coffee maker they have, use as much as possible.

Another detail to take into account is the water that we are going to use. All well-prepared coffee will need an amount of water, regardless of the type of coffee maker. The classics say that the Italian coffee maker may be the best in the world to make coffee. Try to use mineral water to make all the coffees you prepare, as this will show in the flavor, texture, and aroma.

Finally, the milk will determine good coffee preparation. The temperature, the type of dairy and the amount of milk play the most important role since the flavor can be modified according to how we like the cup of coffee.

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