MacBook Air with its Display and Features


Apple has many variants in notebooks computers if you work on heavy files & video editing you can choose Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina display which is robust for all heavy tasks such as video editing, music editing, etc. but a little big and heavy when you compare to Apple Mac Air. The apple MacBook air is lightweight and can do most of the basic work including Photoshop editing to an average but the MacBook screen replacement is very expensive when you compare it with any other issue in the MacBook. Here are a few features of the MacBook Air when compared with the MacBook Pro display.

Display Type:

There is no doubt that the display of both devices is the best in terms of look and sharpness but when it comes to detailing and reputational MacBook Pro stands out. It has a Retina display that is sharper, clearer, and can recognize more colors when compared with MacBook Air 2017 model display. But in 2018 apple has released 16Inch MacBook Air which is light and fast. It can easily beat the 2015 Retina version MacBook Pro. The device is lightweight and comes with a 16-inch display which is a very good choice for video editing.

Screen Size:

Apple MacBook Air 2014 model comes with 11.6 inches, 13.3inch models these models are very famous and best for browsing. The 11.6-inch model becomes successful in its first year itself due to its size and is very comfortable to carry and use anywhere, especially while traveling. The 13.3-inch model was one the highest sold due to its pricing as the 13.3-inch display was best for the user who was using 15 inch and was convenient to shift to 13.3 inch the cost was it was very affordable when compared with the 2013 MacBook Pro Retina display. In 2018 Apple released its 16 inch MacBook Air for the user who is searching for a bigger display we personally did not find huge demand for its from the user the sad part is it’s not even in stock in most of the MacBook repair centers. The best part of the 16-inch model was it is the first retina display for MacBook air.

Device Weight:

The Apple MacBook Air is best known for its weight. The 11.6-inch 2014 MacBook Air weight was only 1.08 kg, which was best for travelers. Its full size keyboard never let you feel you are typing on the small keyboard we still remember when Steve job come and compared it with other small laptops of sony. Now coming back on 13.3 inch MacBook Air. This was the ideal choice for the users who are using 15 inches Mac and wasted to shift to lightweight the 13.3 inch Mac air weight was only 1.35 Kg and the small adaptor can easily get into anyone’s pocket the whole intention was to make it carrying easy without impacting the work.

These old models are still in use and parts are easily available in all MacBook repair centers. If you like this article please like and share this page we will be posting more information on the apple MacBook Air.

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