Men’s Clothing Guide to Hoodies

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Hoodie Sweatshirt Hoodies are a staple in menswear. Men’s Clothing Guide to Hoodies can be worn almost year round, and depending on their weight. They can be worn under other layers or as the only layer for warmer days. This article will explain some of the various types of Hoodies available to buy online. And what styles and colors suit different people and occasions.

Hoodie Fit Guide

As hoodies aren’t supposed to fit like a slim fitting shirt it’s important that you know your own measurements. Before you start shopping around. The arm length should be proportional to your torso size. If you’re tall but have short arms then try looking at crew-lengthiest rather than full-length hoodies.


Hoodies are normally a few centimeters shorter than an antisocialsocialclubshop T-shirt, falling down over your waistline to keep out the cold. This can vary depending on how ‘baggy’ you want yours to be. Generally speaking, anything longer will make you look bigger. Through excess fabric and thus should be avoided by those wanting to appear athletic or slim. If you’re looking at crew neck Hoodies then they also need to fall slightly. Short of being a full length shirt so that they don’t. Bunch up underneath other layers, or extend past your waistline by too much.


Hoodie’s aren’t fitted shirts so there’s no need for them to have a tight waistband like jeans do. Hoodies should be loose enough to fit a couple of fingers but no more under the hem.

Color Hoodies come in a huge range of colors and can even be printed with designs on them too. Common solid/mottled Hoodie colors are black, grey, white and navy. You can get everything from tie-dye Hoodies for partying in to plain blue Hoodies. That aren’t going to show up dirt very easily. Hoodies also suit patterned designs so don’t feel limited when looking through different color combinations either!


Brighter Hoodies tend to have more uses around the place as they will stand out against other items beneath them or people around you. Because these Hoodies are usually associated with younger age groups they’re also often designed with more casual clothes in mind, so a Hoodie printed with a logo or design will look odd against a suit. The Hoodie should be the main event and the rest of your outfit complements it rather than being overpowering.


These Hoodies have much broader uses as you can easily wear them underneath another layer to keep out the cold on winter days/nights, especially if darker clothing is something you feel uncomfortable wearing outside too. Because Hoodies are associated with teenagers more than any other age group (generally) they usually mean you’ll be more likely to be seen at night too!


If you like having variety in your wardrobe then monochrome Hoodies offer that. You can have Hoodies of any color and they’ll still match with the rest of your outfit.

Printed Hoodies

You can find Hoodies for almost anything from football teams to video games so don’t feel limited when looking for one!

 Plain Colure Hoodie

These Hoodies make up most of what you’ll find online as it’s the simplest option available. They offer a subtle look that won’t turn heads but will suit most tastes and outfits, especially those who aren’t comfortable wearing brighter clothes outside.

 Patterned Hoodie

These Hoodies are for those who want to make an exclamation in their outfit. ukdenim Jackets in different patterns are frequently seen in many teenage movies and the brighter Hoodie prints allow you to wear Hoodies in anything that isn’t too dark or too boring.

Bright Colure Hoodie

Hoodies come in every color imaginable (except brown) so if you want a bright Hoodie then this is the best option available. The darker colors tend to be less suited for casual wear but they look great with more formal clothing like suits, something not normally associated with teenagers!

T-Shirt vs Hoodie

When choosing between what type of hooded top to buy it’s important to know your purpose because the two types of clothes serve very different purposes where T-Shirts are more fitted and Hoodies are looser.


Hoodies are the perfect casual outfit for when you want to relax because they’re loose enough to put on after working out or doing some gardening work, but not baggy enough that they look like nightwear.

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I hope this article has helped provide a guide as to what Hoodies you should own, if you have any questions leave a comment below! I’m going to be writing more articles about Hoodies very soon. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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